A long tradition

Mr. Moris was founded on the concept of providing the best of gastronomic specialties directly from the sea. For us, “the best” simply means more freshness, more integrity, higher quality. Our selection was created to change the level of taste perception. Our reality comes from a long and ancient gastronomic tradition that characterizes all our production. Our standard of control was implemented long before product traceability became mandatory. The attention to the customer to guarantee the company philosophy guarantees an excellent product and impeccable service.

the best

The best and genuine bottarga and seafood specialties are the focus of Mr. Moris’s activity. The idea is simple: provide the best quality. Which, as far as we are concerned, is a concept that encompasses freshness, purity, su- stainability, selection and attention to every detail. The brand was born from the inspiration and creativity of the owner family and derives from a long and ancient gastronomic experience, which is the common denominator of all our products. Mr. Moris has trained, competent and passionate technicians on his side. Above all, the control of raw material is fundamental together with the rigorous attention to all stages of pro- duction and transportation. In this way, the quality and authenticity of the final product are guaranteed, the one that arrives on consumers’ tables and which, after all, represents the only real test of the entire supply chain.


Mr. Moris operates exclusively in full respect of the environment and production procedures, with obsessive care in all stages of the supply chain. The first attention is to the raw material, chosen and selected, then to the accurate and punctual health procedures, all certified. Obsessive care is also focused on quality and therefore for the consumer: product integrity, processing control, production ethics and no intensive exploitation. Our production plant enjoys the highest quality certifications as well as Kosher certification.